Rose Lin

Rose Lin

Data Scientist | Machine Learning Practitioner


Rose Lin currently works as a data scientist at Apple. Previously, she was a data scientist at State Farm, where she drew insights from data through machine learning and various analytical techniques in the P&C claims space. Thanks to her past work experience and education, Rose has exposure to data science, software development, and business analytics. As a software development (backend) intern at HCSS, she modernized the Safety product by migrating a proprietary platform to the Entity Framework, which saved 25% of the processing time. Before pursuing her Master’s degree, she worked as a Business Systems Analyst at Empyrean Benefit Solutions, with specialties in areas such as ACA 6055/6066 Reporting and Quality Assurance. Rose earned her Master’s degree in Computer Science from Texas A & M University in May 2019, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia in Dec 2015. Her interests lie in utilizing data to inform better decisions, and improving efficiency through mass computing power.


  • Machine Learning
  • Explainable AI
  • Causal Inference


  • MSc in Computer Science, 2019

    Texas A & M University

  • BSc in Systems Engineering, 2016

    University of Virginia






Machine Learning


Data Analytics


Business Acumen





Resume is available as PDF.


Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer


Feb 2022 – Present Austin, TX
Strategic Data Solutions

Data Scientist

State Farm

Jul 2019 – Feb 2022 Richardson, TX

Analyzed & modeled data in the P&C Claims space.

Keywords: Machine Learning, Supervised ML, Causal Inference, Explainable AI, Mentorship


Software Engineer Intern


Aug 2018 – Apr 2019 Sugar Land, TX

Backend developer @ HCSS Safety team.

Keywords: C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL, Entity Framework, Jira, Git, Fiddler


Data Scientist Intern

State Farm

May 2018 – Jul 2018 Richardson, TX

Contributed to the Aerial Roof Inspection (ARI) project, a computer vision effort.

Keywords: Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Drone Image Processing


Research Assistant

Texas A & M University

Sep 2017 – Dec 2017 College Station, TX

Rockwell Automation Laboratory.

Keywords: Visual Basics, PHP, HTML, Virtual Teaching Assistant


Business Systems Analyst

Empyrean Benefit Solutions

May 2016 – Sep 2017 Houston, TX

Supported ongoing benefit operations for 3 mid-to-large size clients and V2 implementation for 1 new client.

Keywords: SQL, Python, Excel, Salesforce/CRM, HTML, CSS, PHP, Quality Control, Unit Testing, ACA Reporting, Operational Excellence, Customer Services

Recent Activities

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Migrate to Hugo

Right at the first anniversary of this domain, I refreshed the design of the whole portfolio site by migrating to Hugo. Thanks Academic!


Here show some of my (past and current) projects. Click each to view details.


Causal Inference in Subrogation

In Fall 2020, I mentored an intern to explore how a specific kind of support document may impact the cycle time on E-subro Hub, after identifying an association between the two variables through previous AI initiatives. The study was conducted using observational data only. My learning note could be found here.

Easy Bake Data

Easy Bake Data is a web-based data preprocessing tool that allows users to have their datasets cleaned up without writing a single line of code. I led a team of 8 to build a prototype, which shows how a user may interact with our system with ease. Prize: 2021 Fan Favorite

Simplified Classification Dashboard in Explainerdashboard

Explainerdashboard is a Python package that requires minimal codes for data scientists to view & analyze black-box model performances. I contributed to the development by adding a simplified version of classification dashboard.


WorkBud is a platform designed to encourage virtual collaboration between State Farm employees. I led a team of 3 to build the platform, which supports 3 features and design a recommender algorithm to match employees for technical troubleshooting sessions. Prize: 2020 State Farm Sponsored Hack

Twitter Dashboard

A dashboard showing key metrics for extracted tweets. Click to learn more…

Evolving a Neural Network using Genetic Algorithm

A simple CNN hyperparameter search with evolutionary algorithm.

Jekyll to Ghost (2.0)

The original Jekyll-to-Ghost plugin only works for early versions of Jekyll & Ghost. To effectively migrate from Jekyll 3.8.5 to Ghost 2.0, I modified the script to ease the transition. It is a great starting point if you consider migrating from Jekyll to Ghost recently (not tested under Ghost 3.0).


A collection of scripts to automatically summarize news articles.


A handy tool to identify spammers on Twitter.

TinySQL Parser

A simple SQL parser following TinySQL syntax.


A service platform dedicated to serve the Bryan/College Station area.

Bcsh Foodie Guide

A local restaurant guide around the BCSH area.

Telegram Cat Bot

A bot that pushes cute cat photos to you on a daily basis.


Biomechanics data analysis - IOV 2015


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