Twitter Dashboard

To visualize my own Twitter archive (and also practicing how to use Plotly Dash), I created a dashboard that visualize my data. Codes will be open-sourced soon. It consists of a tweet panel that shows content of each tweet, 4 summary plots (tweet frequency, top 5 tweet sources, top 10 most frequently mentioned users, and friends & followers count overtime), and 2 tables showing the top 5 most likes/retweeted tweets. Additional features such as word cloud will be supported soon. The ultimate goal is to provide individual users another way to understand what buried inside their tweet archives. The dashboard is also compatible with tweet objects extracted through the API.



(Right click the image and choose “Open image in new tab” to view the full-sized, clear version. To protect user privacy, the actual tweet contents and user IDs are concealed. User may choose to change the timezone and frequency by day, weekday and hours for the “Tweet Frequency” plot)

Rose Lin
Rose Lin
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