WorkBud is a platform designed to encourage virtual collaboration between State Farm employees. We believe that this is not only a short-term solution (given the COVID-19 work from home situation), but also a long-term remedy as our workforce becomes more diverse, and the company is growing in different regions. Its sketch version was created on the 2020 State Farm Hack Day. Once a State Farm employee has registered, he/she could log on to schedule:

  • Meet & Greet session to meet other employees
  • Quiet session similar to FocusMate, to further boost productivity
  • Technical troubleshooting session to solve one-time technical difficulties

Specifically, we have implemented a simple recommender system for the technical session piece. The goal is to find registered employees who have a similar background to the logged-in user, with the assumption that the more similar the two users, the more likely that one has already encountered the problem that the other is currently stuck at (or may point to the right path to pursue). All registered users are ranked based on our similarity metric. Users could then email the suggested users to schedule a technical workshop.

Our hack won the 2020 Sponsored Hack @ Dallas Hub.

Rose Lin
Rose Lin
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