Causal Inference in Subrogation

In Fall 2020, I mentored an intern to explore how a specific kind of support document may impact the cycle time on E-subro Hub, after identifying an association between the two variables through previous AI initiatives. The study was conducted using observational data only. My learning note could be found [here](

Easy Bake Data

Easy Bake Data is a web-based data preprocessing tool that allows users to have their datasets cleaned up without writing a single line of code. I led a team of 8 to build a prototype, which shows how a user may interact with our system with ease. Prize: 2021 Fan Favorite


WorkBud is a platform designed to encourage virtual collaboration between State Farm employees. I led a team of 3 to build the platform, which supports 3 features and design a recommender algorithm to match employees for technical troubleshooting sessions. Prize: 2020 State Farm Sponsored Hack